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$96.00 Yearly



Can Rental Program
95 Gallon Universal Roll-out Cart
Rehrig Roll-out Carts meet ANSI Safety Standard Z245.30 and ANSI Compatibility Standard Z245.60
Capacity: 95 gallons
Universal Roll-out Carts are designed for both automated and semi-automated collection of household waste and recyclables. Injection molded with premium quality, resilient, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin, Rehrig Roll-out Carts are designed to provide many years of quality service and look good at the curb in virtually any neighborhood or climate found in North America. ROC-65U Roll-out Carts have an integrally molded-in plastic catch bar.

While evaluating possible molding methods in the early 1960's, Rehrig Pacific determined that only the injection molding method possessed the technology to mold complex geometric shapes, and the ability to maintain precise tolerances with exact predictability. A further advantage is the ability to vary wall thickness strategically throughout the same part, adding strength to critical wear and load-bearing points. As a result, injection molding allows Rehrig to engineer premium product quality, performance and dependability into every product we make.


  • Reinforced lift points under skirt and rim
  • Freely rotating metal catch bar
  • Carts nest with catch bar assembled
  • Heavy duty top lip
  • Wide base with large drag rail surface area
  • One piece molded handle
  • Large smooth areas on side panels for logos and slogans
  • Areas on lid for molded-in text and labels 3/4" diameter corrosion resistant steel axle
  • Choice of 8" wheels and fasteners
  • Lids lie flat when stacked
  • Shipped with lid already assembled